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Business features
Provide the BOM whole single "one-stop" supply chain service to solve your multi - point purchase trouble
1. Reduce the complexity of the inquiry processing link, the purchasing as equipped with a professional purchaser team;
2. The complete rate of materials required for model matching is 90%, which reduces the cost of inquiry;
3. 24 hours a day in full operation, no matter how many needs, immediate implementation;

Provide multi type, small volume component supply service to solve your problem, For example, prototype trial production, new product research and development, emergency feeding in the addition of project order.
1. Few restrictions on order quantity and order amount;
2. Help to achieve the cost control budget for the R&D phase;
3. Assist in the investigation of the market supply of various materials in follow-up production to ensure stable demand.

Provide tight supply, stop production, cold-biased doors, and military series component supply services to solve your shortage of materials.
1. More than 7,000 reputable suppliers are stocked at any time, 40% of the original agents are flexible orders;
2. Source of supply throughout Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea;
3. Efficient ERP e-commerce platform to search every corner of the world.

Provide long-term supply of parts and components to reduce costs, stocking services, and resolve your common models
1. Respond to the material market dynamics in a timely manner, coordinate with the production plan forecast, and realize the management of the factory's zero inventory materials;
2. Flexible and diversified batch allocation programs reduce single transaction costs and time;
3. More than 300 well-known OEMs and EMS factories use flexible inventory to resale.

Provide surplus electronic material inventory sales and clearance services to help you return funds and reduce losses
1. Thousands of potential customer needs, increase the liquidity rate, and enrich corporate liquidity;
2. Quick、 simple、 high-rate solution for excess inventory pressure;
3. Reduce inventory management labor costs and storage space and control multiple inventory loss risks.

Provide third-party component testing services to solve your quality concerns
1. Provide professional testing report of basic functions;
2. Recommend the corresponding product testing center;
3. Assist in training factory quality inspection personnel to grasp the basic appearance visual inspection techniques and methods of components.

Provide pre-sales and after-sales value-added services, and serve as a personal consultant to solve all kinds of thorny problems in your work
1. Help find technical support documents and datasheet;
2. Help find various of alternative solutions for EOL and rare materials;
3. Provide sample on demand.
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